Letters to Nā Keiki o Kūlaniākea
Hōkūleʻa WWV
Leg 18: BVI to Cape Kennedy, Florida
Saturday, March 12, 2016
Day 2 at Sea
I took a shower. On Hōkūleʻa we take a shower with sea water. We take a small bucket and throw it in to the ocean. There is a special technique to do this. If you don’t do it properly then the bucket will just bounce on the top of the ocean and no sea water will go inside the bucket. I would use the small bucket to catch water and then pour it into a larger bucket on deck. I filled the larger bucket five times with water from the smaller bucket. Once I had all my water ready I dumped half a small bucket on my head, thankfully it’s pretty warm so the cool ocean water felt good! I then took the soap and lathered up my body. After cleaning my entire body I used my hands to scoop up water from the large bucket and rinse the soap off my body. Then I dried off with my towel which ʻAnakē Kaula let me borrow, Mahalo ʻAnakē! Then I took a microfiber towel and soaked it with fresh water, using that wet towel to rinse any salt that may still be on my body. When I came back on the main pola one of the crew members said I smelled real nice ☺ I felt real nice too, I love to feel clean!
— ʻAnakala Maui