Kūlaniākea is a non-profit educational organization currently serving
Native Hawaiian communities through multi-generational dual language education
and culturally appropriate educational materials.


Kumulipo is the Hawaiian creation story. From the first atoms of matter formed in darkness to the most complex life forms of land, air, and sea, this 2,000 line chant recounts the birth of all living things in Hawaiʻi.  Long before the time of Charles Darwin the Hawaiian people possessed an intricate understanding of how life on Earth progressed through the ages, realizing our relationship to each and every aspect of our environment.
This video follows the journey of creating educational materials based in Kumulipo with the purpose of strengthening the identity of Hawaiian children.


In response to the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on Mauna a Wakea, one of the most sacred Native Hawaiian sites, Kūlaniākea is issuing the following statement.


The health and safety of our keiki are of utmost importance, especially in these difficult and uncertain times.  Kūlaniākea has implemented procedures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and ʻohana.

What Parents Say

Kūlaniākea has been a blessing to our ʻohana. The staff at Kūlaniākea focus on the needs of not only the individual child and the classroom as a whole, but ALSO the needs of the ʻOHANA. I have complete confidence that my keiki will grow to know who they are as a kanaka, and in turn have a strong foundation for future education and life skills.

Leilani, makua

As kanaka ‘ōiwi educators, Kūlaniākea understands the kuleana we have to both our youth and lāhui. Their instruction, curriculum and teaching approaches are deeply rooted to culture-based education which engages, supports and empowers our keiki, even at their young age.  We are so blessed to be part of the Kūlaniākea ‘ohana!

Cady, makua