Kaula Tauotaha
Co-Founder; Kumu Alakaʻi – Kamaliʻi

Hula, Hoe waʻa (paddler), Kelamoku (sailor on waʻa kaulua)

“Kaula’s depth of experiences and knowledge of early childhood education are reflective of her love for children. It shows in her drive to constantly improve her teaching, and classroom activities and environment for the benefit of each and every child.”

“She is our Kumu Alakaʻi who’s love for our keiki is inspiring and her work as a kumu is ground breaking. She is always finding ways to challenge herself and the classroom in order to best serve the keiki and community.”

“Kaula’s creative ability to develop curriculum based on ʻike kupuna and what is both culturally and developmentally appropriate is truly a gift to Kūlaniākea. She is devoted to her lāhui and especially to those keiki and ʻohana in her care. She is an inspiration to her colleagues.”

“Kaula brings light and joy to her ʻohana and all that know her. She is a kumu in the most committed sense of the word, a nurturer and support to her haumana and their families.”