Shari Martin
School Programs Director

Mahi pua (gardene, horticulturist)

“She is the coolest cucumber (though she doesn’t like cucumbers at all). Her observations of teachers and children provide the most critical insight into people’s thoughts and behavior. Her feedback is always an opportunity to grow and expand our own understanding of our work.”

“Aunty Shari is hysterical! Her laugh is infectious and puts smiles on the faces of everyone. Her years of experience in the classroom helps to guide us in the work we do with keiki.”

“Shari is the backbone of the classroom who guides both staff and keiki in learning and growth. Her infectious laugh instills joy and ease in the kula.”

“She has been a loyal and important part in the life of Kūlaniākea. She plays a tremendous role as supporter and mentor to the kumu of our school and an important resource for our community.”